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Beauty.Fashion.Travel Today is Thursday, June 30, 2016

OMG I dyed my hair red! My low-key Ombre Hair for fall!



I have considering it for months since I saw Kate Bosworth's ombre dye.....



Iskakealy Handmade@Golden Coast


在黃金海岸遇上Iskakealy Handmade飾物,please go to link below for more:


[Travel] Trip to Taipei & Taichong: Two Faces of Taiwan (Part 1)


Onsugarettes! I'm back!

It has really been some time since my last post! I'm glad that I can finally write in my own blog again! No more constraints! Write whatever I like lah~
Lately I'm totally hooked by the Taiwanese fashion bloggers. O.M.G. their blogs are so interesing that I'm compelled to make a post to sure with you guys later! It also makes me wanna start writing in Chinese! so ya, I'll start doing it now!  外間都流行韓風啦,但我卻被一眾台灣妞燒到不行! 最喜歡漢辣妞Hannah, iGisele了穿什麼也好看,圖也這麼美!! 害我想跑去台灣撞她們了!


Day 1: Taipei City: Neihu District --> Shinhlin Night Market

(*I got the eng names in google so it might be inaccurate ;p)
美中不足的是香港航空的飛機delay了3小時,害我都無法去淡水了!有些等得久的乘客更開始與職員爭執呢!我倒沒生氣,反而拿了餐券去吃東西了(奉勸各位要主動問, 不然他們不會主動派的啊!!)

首圖是台北美麗華酒店隔鄰商場的摩天輪啦,我本來都不抱什麼期望啦,畢竟只是商場裡面那種~誰知上到去才發現真的蠻高啦~(暈) 站起來時還會搖的,我都有點怕怕啦


之後匆匆打的去士林士林是分兩邊的一邊賣衫,另一邊地底才是吃吃吃的,看到網拍很有名的東京著衣的實體鋪了T^T  可惜衣服卻不怎麼辦啦(失望)




離開時已12:30 奇怪事發了!! 就像香港的大排檔那裡的檔攤竟一間間開呢!! 這個炒羊肉最多人排!! 他們都好期待的樣子


這雙買內藏2吋踭的converse, 穿得腳好修長,好好配!好便宜,才390 (HK$105)

香港只有開架的etude house!! 好喜歡!!


stay tuned for more la!!

My Winter Skincare Routine (II) - Chanel Precision


winter in HK can be pretty drying
wrinkles become more visible without proper hydration.
Therefore, the next important step of my winter skin routine is:

2. Serum/ Overnight Hydrating Pack

Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active line provides the hydration that the skin needs for the dry season. The main ingredient of Hydramax is hyaluronic acid which has hydrating and anti-aging properties.
The Hydramax Active serum is very smooth and ligh. My skin felt rejuvenated, supple and moistured after using it. Fine lines on my forehead becomes less visible.
One thing I didn't like, is that the trademark fragrance is a bit too strong.
The serum can be used day and night but it's definitely not cheap, around HKD$620 for 50 ml, so at night, I turn to FANCL's overnight hydrating pack.

My ratings for Hydramax Active Boost (Serum): A

On the other hand, I rate the Hydramax Active Moisture Cream a: B

It comes with a fancy little spread & a plastic cover inside (which I lost the a few days upon opening it XDDD)
The cream is on the costly side, around HKD$500 for 50 g as everything is made in France. However, I personally think that there is not much difference than other store brands after using it for one month. If you are not a big fan of the Chanel scent, Olay will be a great alternative!

The FANCL overnight hydrating pack is a leave-in mask that you can use on top of your night creams to make sure all the nutrients and moisture are retained. In addition, it provides your skin with extra hydration with its silky protein complex.

Using Annie Liu in the ad is definitely a draw :)

My skin definitely felt smoother over the night. The product is HKD$270 for 30g. You have to use around 4 to 5 pumps each night to cover full face, so the bottle last around 1 month.

Ratings: A-

<span style="font-size: x-large;">last but not the least,
<span style="font-size: large;">Happy Valentines my lovely onsugarettes! I'm spending the night blogging with all of you & I hope everyone has a wonderful night!

& I'm sharing this very sweet iPhone chocolates with you all:


<span style="font-size: x-large;"><span style="font-size: large;">

My hair is getting a bit longer! xoxo

My Winter Skincare Routine (I)


1. Deep Clean Mask that really works!
Finally a solution to my black heads & other pore-cloggers!!!!
With oily skin, it is part of my routine to purifying mask at least once every week. Finally, I have found the mask of my life!

Bonaza cooling gel ROCKS!
top purple: moisturizing gel
bottom blue: cleansing gel

Spread it like JAM on your face thick and leave it the 45 mins!

and all the dirts clogging my pore surfaced like miracle :0
this gel mask really cleans my pores and it's definitely fun to use!

Origins Clear Improvements - Active Charcoal Mask is another one that I like!

But I'd say that the cool gel mask works even better than the clay mask and it's less drying <3 Definitely worth giving it a try!!! It had been raved by a lot of Taiwanese bloggers already since last year~
My ratings for Bonaza Cleansing Gel: A-


Constanzz' Chinese Blog @ Career Times is launched!


HELLO onsugarettes!

The sayings are right, time does heal! I'm back in full swing now :) So what have I been doing lately?

I was appointed as the fashion&beauty blogger for Career Times Hong Kong and I have been trying hard to keep up with new posts every week!
I cannot mention any brand news in my Chinese blog so I have to write everything from stretch, which can be PRETTY TIME CONSUMING! LOL

You can always support & visit & comment at my Chinese blog here:

Do not hesistate to press the "LIKE" button <3

Bobbi Brown for Selfridges



(and over)

have always love Bobbi Brown for its quality and brand sophistication (who doesn't)
how cool will that be..to store my q-tips & cotton pads!!

too bad it's all exclusive in Selfridge (UK) only!

the deluxe chunk

No, i'm not okay.


He left me---
After loving me whole-heartedly for 1178 days.


There's a constant struggle of
“I have had enough pain and I should cheer up and enjoy my life &
No I should grief because love is supposed to be eternal…”
in my head.

& I wanna stop hearing about the “life goes on and it’s not the end of the world” lecture


The Power of Makeup!


saw this really fun makeup transformation on facebook, i think i should share that will all the onsugarettes in case u haven't seen it!! [that's not me by the way hahaaa]


Here we go, the transformation time!


brown circle lenses- the must-have for all jap-style makeup


blending brown and black eye shadow


eyeliner, extend it at the end (a trick that i've taught here before!!! haha)


Lower eye shadow and mascara

NOW THE KEY POINT...... click to read more..!!

Crazy lineup awaits Lanvin for H&M


[Central, Hong Kong---Constanzz reports]

Lanvin for H&M lands TOMORROW, 23 November, 2010 in Hong Kong.
Fashionista passionately awaits for it in line on 22nd night as early as 6pm!

Look at the photos and you won't find it hard to understand why,

Hold your breath..look at


love those glasses too only $199!!
Our beloved HK diva Sammi demonstrating it

Even the purse is adorable!! only $399

i also really like the skirt, botoom right, isn't it state-of-art?


"I love your dress"
"Merci beacoup!"

haha really cute skit for the mannequins

I'm going to squeeze in first thing after work tmr, hopefully willl still be able to get the..LIPSTICK?


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